Random Work

5 Oct

Here is some pics of Sebastian doing random work. Sorry some pics are blurry. My hands shake alot. We are continueing with the workbox system.

He works very hard on his work, but enjoys it.

These assignments were all done at different times.

And from different resources.

we do not use any one set type of work, we do not discriminate. We use a huge variety.


Do Business Cards Work?

5 Oct

Business cards, do they really work and remind customers you exist.

I have asked myself this question many many times. I do two different jobs that both have business cards. Every business usually has a business card. The question is, how useful are they really?

From one of my jobs, I have left hundreds if not thousands of business cards on peoples doors, letting them know I was there to offer them services. I have recieved only a few calls back from them.

Out of one thousand cards that are handed out, what is the ration of call backs per one thousand cards? What do you think the ratio is?

I recently ordered business cards for my other job I do, they come in friday. I have never used business cards with that busines as of yet. I have just left out my catalogs with my info on them. I am trying out the business card avenue to go along with the catalogs. My reason is so they can carry my info in their wallet or purse or somewhere close to help spread my information to others.

I do not know if I will continue to get business cards for the other one, or do magnetic ones or what. I will be feeling it out. The other job I do, I get the business cards for free and I leave them at everyones doors I can.

So I would love to have a conversation with you guys on the topic of business cards. A few questions to start off are..

Are you a business owner and use business cards, and how often? Do you find them useful? Do they bring back existing clients/customrs? Do they bring any new clients/customers.

For those that recieve a business card somehow, do you think it helps you remember about those services being offered? Do you forget about them? Do you have a specific place you keep all your business cards and refer back to when your loking for any type of services? When it comes to business cards, what turns you off from the services? Does the look of a business card turn you away, if so explain why? Do you use the business cards to tell family, friends, and neighbors? Do you not keep any business cards and throw them away or just give them to someone else?

Having this conversation will help everyone. It helps business owners better their marketing tools. It helps customers/clients by getting a better marketing item to remind them of the services available to them.

Meet Others Monkey Hop

3 Oct

Mommy of Two Little Monkeys

Great way to meet others and stay connected.

Meet Others

3 Oct

Come meet others! Learn about some interesting people. Have fun reading their stories.


2 Oct

This is Jehzel, who just wanted to glue things on paper. So I cut out some images that were from a game that I have from a great creator of games.

“Mama the glue needs to come out”

He thinks very hard. Hmmm, what is that?

He was so excited to tell me what it was!

Here is the start of Jehzel’s creation.

Words With Letter Y

2 Oct












iPad2 contest

2 Oct

I truly really need an iPad. the one i am looking into is the iPad2 with wifi and 3g. i really need to be able to access the net and do things online whle I am out and about. I really hope I am the chosen winner!