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Business Tools and Marketing

8 Oct

Business tools and marketing, what works for you?

If you have not yet read Do Business Cards Work, you might want to do so. It may give you insight from both ends of using them effectivly.

I know that every type of business uses different types of marketing tool, some work and some do not. Have you figured out what works for you? Have many times you changed the way you market? What did you use in the past and why did you change and how is the new way working? Are you still refining your marketing stratagies?

For potential clients/customers, what type of marketing tools do you like to recieve? I completely understand and agree that personal interaction, is always a must, but what reminds you about those services offered? What if you did not meet that particular person, but somehow seen their marketing items?

Anything else you would like to add about what business tolls you use and why? From a customers/clents end, what do you like to see and why?

I love pens! Since I use pens alot to write, I like to get pens from different places. I think they are a great reminder for that company! For business cards, I do save any business cards I come into contact with, it goes into a business card organizer and when I need a service, I look through them for one. I also like little note pads of some sort, i constantly write myself notes so for me I would use little note pads given to me by companies. This also reminds me they exist. Another cool one is a mini calendar or mine calendar magnet, I like those too. I do understand these can be a little pricey, but they do stick around me for quite awhile reminding me of that place.

So what about you?


Apple Addition

7 Oct

Apple addition was a fun way to ad 3 numbers together.

Sebastian had to add the 3 numbers on each apple, then place the answer on the leaf  on the apple.

Sebastian enjoyed doing addition this way. It was also a break from writing.

Sebastian finding all the answers.


Fraction Fish

6 Oct

Fraction Fish was a cool and fun way to learn about simple fractions. I gave this game to Sebastion as a start to fractions. He knew right away how it went. He matched everything up in no time.

This fraction fish was in our work box for file folder games.

Off to work matching right away he went.

More matching.


20 percent Off All Avon Orders

6 Oct

 These are a great stocking stuffer or for gift baskets.

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  Great for stockings or gift baskets.

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 Great for stockings or gift baskets.

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Dragon Named Lil One

5 Oct

Bearded Dragon Bath! Here is lil one soaking in some warm water.

Lil One walks all around. He hasn’t tried “swimming” yet.

Ll One will do the “doggie paddle” though.

Lil One wants to show you his other side.

Lil One doesn’t understand he is in a clear container.

Giving bearded dragons a soak in warm water helps them shead and use the bathroom. They enjoy water and also drink the water they are in. Some dragons like to have water sprinkled on them too, like a sower or rain.

Homophone Fun

5 Oct

Homophone fun. This activity was given to me through a printable sharing group. Sebastian learned alot about some homophones and how they work.

Here is the pile of words.

Here is the first word set he found.

After finding all the matching pairs, he glued them to construction paper.


Mid Week Hop

5 Oct

I love to find new blog, no matter their content. I just like meeting people and reading. It keeps me sure busy.