Cheating Gas Pumps

30 Sep

So I have been thinking about this for some time. Each time I get gas for my car, which is very very often, it goes through my mind. I think I pay attention to things too much or something. Here are my thoughts….

Have you ever listened to the gas being pumped into your gas tank? I mean really listened? When you begin pumping theres a huge gushing swishing sound.

This is what I have noticed. If you prepay for you gas the pump is set to shut off at a certain dollar amount, like say $25. What I have noticed in the last 10 gas pumpings is that the sound of the gas being pumped slows down at around $23, and slows to an almost stop when it hits $24.35, it seems like it completely stops just before your total dollar amount is hit.

If your paying by card at the pump that sound does NOT slow down at all, therefore allowing more gas to pump into your tank, reason is because it isn’t set to stop automatically. By doing it this way it seemslike the gas is pouring nicely like it should, and if you stop the pumping session when you reach $25 it means you recieved a full $25 worth of gas. Right?

So here is what I am wondering, should I stop prepaying? It seems like we are being cheated even more when we prepay for the gas. Gas prices are quite high and then to pay for $25 in gas for it to stop pouring into your tank at almost $1.50 less than what you paid for. Seems like we are being Cheated by the gas pumps. It isn’t just one company, it’s all of them.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you noticed this same or similar conclusion? If not next time your pumping try it both ways and see if you notice the difference, then comment here on your experience. Share your thoughts and expeiences with us let’s have a conversation on it.


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