Scare Me Not

26 Sep

Have you ever heard of Scare Me Not? I think this was an excellent idea! We LOVE Scare Me Not characters. They make great friends and help your child stay out of your bed and in their own.

Sebastian used to sleep in our room, constantly. Why was this, well a couple of reasons. We co-slept, then he moved to a regular bed in our room, and we moved. He was very afraid of the new house, new surroundings, new everything. He didn’t like the idea that he would have to start sleeping in his own room shared with his younger brother. Every night was a huge battle …. until…..

Knock Out Ned came along! How Knock Out Ned came along was through a product review. I was contacted from Scare Me Not to do a product review. So we were sent to their website to choose a friend for Sebastian. Sebastian chose Knock Out Ned. There are eight Scare Me Not friends to choose from. They come in full size and in travel sizes. Isn’t that awesome! So you can bring a friend everywhere you go and have one at home too.

Sebastian does lots of things with Knock Out Ned. He takes him to help him sleep, he talks to him during the day, and wrestles with him too. Without this new friend, I don’t know what else would have worked to help Sebastian feel safer in his new environment. Thank you Scare Me Not and Knock Out Ned.

Please head on over there and find a new friend for your little ones.

Head on over to the Scare Me Not facebook page and like their page.

Don’t forget to follow their Scare Me Not twitter updates.

If you have any Scare Me Not friends in your house please share your post link about them in the comments below.


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