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Cheating Gas Pumps

30 Sep

So I have been thinking about this for some time. Each time I get gas for my car, which is very very often, it goes through my mind. I think I pay attention to things too much or something. Here are my thoughts….

Have you ever listened to the gas being pumped into your gas tank? I mean really listened? When you begin pumping theres a huge gushing swishing sound.

This is what I have noticed. If you prepay for you gas the pump is set to shut off at a certain dollar amount, like say $25. What I have noticed in the last 10 gas pumpings is that the sound of the gas being pumped slows down at around $23, and slows to an almost stop when it hits $24.35, it seems like it completely stops just before your total dollar amount is hit.

If your paying by card at the pump that sound does NOT slow down at all, therefore allowing more gas to pump into your tank, reason is because it isn’t set to stop automatically. By doing it this way it seemslike the gas is pouring nicely like it should, and if you stop the pumping session when you reach $25 it means you recieved a full $25 worth of gas. Right?

So here is what I am wondering, should I stop prepaying? It seems like we are being cheated even more when we prepay for the gas. Gas prices are quite high and then to pay for $25 in gas for it to stop pouring into your tank at almost $1.50 less than what you paid for. Seems like we are being Cheated by the gas pumps. It isn’t just one company, it’s all of them.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you noticed this same or similar conclusion? If not next time your pumping try it both ways and see if you notice the difference, then comment here on your experience. Share your thoughts and expeiences with us let’s have a conversation on it.


Do you enjoy debating?

27 Sep

I like to debate, not on everything but enough things. I don’t have a favorite, it just depends on the topic thats being discussed. I have debated about school, breastfeeding, formula feeding, politics, movies, food and more. #blogboost

So what do you like to debate? Anything in particular?

If you could take any class for free, what would you choose?

26 Sep

I would choose to take a cooking course/class. I love food, but I don’t know how to make many things. I love to eat at restuarants because I can’t make wha they make. I like to watch the cooking shows and, cheff ramsey, & many other food relate shows. I want to learn it all, main courses, appitizers, desserts, snacks, finger foods, anything and everything. #blogboost

So what would your class/course be? Why would you want to take it?

Scare Me Not

26 Sep

Have you ever heard of Scare Me Not? I think this was an excellent idea! We LOVE Scare Me Not characters. They make great friends and help your child stay out of your bed and in their own.

Sebastian used to sleep in our room, constantly. Why was this, well a couple of reasons. We co-slept, then he moved to a regular bed in our room, and we moved. He was very afraid of the new house, new surroundings, new everything. He didn’t like the idea that he would have to start sleeping in his own room shared with his younger brother. Every night was a huge battle …. until…..

Knock Out Ned came along! How Knock Out Ned came along was through a product review. I was contacted from Scare Me Not to do a product review. So we were sent to their website to choose a friend for Sebastian. Sebastian chose Knock Out Ned. There are eight Scare Me Not friends to choose from. They come in full size and in travel sizes. Isn’t that awesome! So you can bring a friend everywhere you go and have one at home too.

Sebastian does lots of things with Knock Out Ned. He takes him to help him sleep, he talks to him during the day, and wrestles with him too. Without this new friend, I don’t know what else would have worked to help Sebastian feel safer in his new environment. Thank you Scare Me Not and Knock Out Ned.

Please head on over there and find a new friend for your little ones.

Head on over to the Scare Me Not facebook page and like their page.

Don’t forget to follow their Scare Me Not twitter updates.

If you have any Scare Me Not friends in your house please share your post link about them in the comments below.

Happy Birthday Mom!

26 Sep

A huge Happy Birthday to my mom. I send you lots of love, hugs, and kisses. I hope you can enjoy your birthday, I know it is the hardest time of the year for you during this time. But I hope it has got a little better to deal with at this time.

Manuel’s Birthday

25 Sep

Happy Birthday to my brother Manuel. He was born 9/25/1990 and passed away 12-10-1990. He was born with a few medical issues but he didn’t live long enough to get them fixed. He will be missed alot.

Ultimate Blog Challenge

25 Sep

I will be completing an Ultimate Blog Challenge for October. This gets my mind flowing with ideas, a challenge, more writing done, & some interesting content here for us to conversate with. Please let me know if your going to participate as well. comment below. #blogboost